Traffic management made simple

Studio Arkitech allows you to categorize all your clients with their respective brands, account handlers and contact persons in a user-friendly database

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Managers can instantly access the statuses of all the jobs at all times. It streamlines all the workflows while managing every milestone of each project.

Highlight point

It serves agencies in evaluating payment plans, monitoring expenditures and identifying the clients that are exceeding their quota. Accordingly, the management can compare the profitability among clients.

Studio ArkiTech Key Features

Digital Asset Management integration

This solution can sync with a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system giving users a fast and easy access to digital assets.
The system will create a set of default folder structure automatically on the DAM system


Studio Arkitech makes searching for jobs and/or tasks easier by allowing users to save search criteria.
Searches are saved as filters for quick access. Some default filters are pre-defined in the system such as Jobs by Department, Jobs by Client, etc

Smart Task Resources

This module optimizes resource management by automatically and efficiently assigning tasks among employees

Notifications and Feeds

It logs every action made throughout the workflow process, triggering the automatic notification system.


Users can create individual timesheets against specific jobs, and time spent on each task is accurately logged.
Managers also have the choice to approve the timesheet of their team on a daily or weekly basis
The module will allow managers to track the exact time spent on every Job, Brand or Client and generate reports such as Estimate vs. Actual report to track profitability, efficiency and accuracy.


Studio Arkitech provides an extensive view over the agency’s work through an exact analysis of logged data

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