Talent Management System.

Making the Hiring Process More Efficient by enabling better collaboration in HR, and reducing Your time-to-hire and Cost-of-hire.

Talent Management System

Aptitude covers the daily tasks of the Human Resources by eliminating the paper based processes, reducing cost and time, and providing the candidates with a positive experience.

Simple, yet efficient
User-Friendly interface
Easy-to-use functionality
Fast response to users’ demands
Flexible and customizable to respond to clients’ needs

Highlight point

LinkedIn Integration allowing data import for Candidates
Allowing Candidates to View, Search, Filter & Apply to the latest job postings
HR Analytics
One Click posting of jobs on social networks
Dashboard functionality for tracking candidates statuses and job Postings

Aptitude Key Modules

Office Management

Defining the Companies and Countries.

Defining of a full set of restrictions limiting the access to the candidates’ databases,
Flexible customization in order to give every user a wide range of privileges.

Registration of usernames and passwords of employees to access the portal.

Basic search engine.

Reports & Analytics

Based on roles and privileges, the Human Resources team can view dashboards including:
Vacancies information
New candidates
Job posting reports: Ability to view the various statuses of job vacancies.
Open job postings by branch
Source effectiveness report.

Job Posting

A quick and simple New Job Posting creation tool.
A one-click posting of jobs on social networks.
An advanced engine to search and filter job posting


An advanced engine to search and filter candidates.
A personalized folder system for sourcing candidates.
Built-in email functionality for communication with candidates.
The Interviews log.
An Automatic Reference Check feature.

Evaluation Form & Grading System

Conduct several interviews with the same candidate.
Grade candidates on the system.
Include statuses and comments per candidate.
View histories per candidate.

Basket & Logs

Allows users to flag and monitor interesting candidates for later review.
Keeps track of all the activities done by the users

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