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How does it work?

1- Upload the material (video, image, etc.) to any website. Insert the URL at QRCO.ME.

2- The application will generate a QR-Code that once scanned, redirects to the uploaded material.

3- “Drag and drop” the QR code into the newspaper page.

4- Using any third party QR code reader application (available free of charge for Symbian, Blackberry, and iPhone), the end user scans the barcode using his smartphone, and the links opens automatically.

Other Products

NewsPress is a web-based workflow solution designed by Layout International specifically for newspapers and magazines.

NewsPress combines the editorial and production stages to automate the production process, making it an essential tool for small to large-scale publications.

In today’s highly competitive market, NewsPress is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for managing your publication.

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A7Pro is a web-based DAM system designed and developed by Layout International, giving users round-the-clock access to live and archived digital assets.

It automatically creates a centralized repository of all digital assets and extracts related metadata, making the digital database easily and accurately searchable.

It guarantees control over all the digital assets in a corporation based on the assignment of roles for effective digital rights management.
A7Pro also provides detailed logs to track the use of the assets and the DAM system itself.

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