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Aptitude is the latest Talent Management smart solution designed by Layout International for enterprises.

Aptitude is a web-based career platform that allows companies to attract candidates through a user-friendly interface, and keep them interested by means of a built-in personalized communication system.

Companies can advertise jobs, increase their talent pools, efficiently search for candidates, schedule and conduct interviews, track statuses and generate reports to measure the process effectiveness.

Other Products

QRCO.ME is a web-based portal where users can create QR codes for different types of URLs or campaigns:

Contact information, SMS, Google locations, videos, and more.

The QRCO.ME application automatically shortens the URLs for more accurate QR codes.

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Studio ArkiTech

Studio ArkiTech is an integrated management, tracking and collaboration tool developed by Layout International.
Designed for agencies, Studio ArkiTech guarantees a smooth and efficient flow of information between departments.

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A7Pro is a web-based DAM system designed and developed by Layout International, giving users round-the-clock access to live and archived digital assets.

It automatically creates a centralized repository of all digital assets and extracts related metadata, making the digital database easily and accurately searchable.

It guarantees control over all the digital assets in a corporation based on the assignment of roles for effective digital rights management.
A7Pro also provides detailed logs to track the use of the assets and the DAM system itself.

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